Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grey Granite-Lay You Down (Cool Hand Lex Remix)

I'll let Cool Hand Lex intro this:
I realize it's been a while since I've updated you with new music, so I wanted to make sure you have this heater right here. Indie artist Grey Granite and I teamed up to promote his latest album, "Lust Poisons Pride." In doing so, I took his lead single "Lay U Down" from an uptempo stomper to a half-time, dubstep inspired, hip-hop chest rattler.

Grey Granite - Lay U Down (Cool Hand Lex Remix) (Dirty)
http://tinyurl.com/p8hgs2 (DIRECT LINK)

Link to the RAR of all versions (Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, Clean/Dirty Acapellas)

Grey Granite - Lay U Down (Cool Hand Lex Remix) (Clean)
http://soundcloud.com/cool-hand-lex (Downloadable)


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