Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REAL TALK: Naked Pics and Sex Tapes = Good Publicity!

Ok, time for me to jump on my pseudo-soapbox for a minute. It seems that every two months some Hollywood starlet, d-list flavor/rock of love girl, pageant queen, socialite,or r&b songstress are being "exposed" via sex tape or nude pics. And while people love to feel sorry for these ladies being exposed by their wanne-be porn star/director/photographer boyfriends, you have to ask yourself. Who really benefits from this?
Do the girls benefit? Really.Do these girls even have to be ashamed about this? I'm not saying go out and make a porn with every smokin hot chick you can find and offer to make them famous (we'll get to that later).I mean just think about it. Most if not all of these girls are... hot!Are they not? I think people would only have a problem if they weren't. There would only be a worldwide uproar if it was a Ellen sex tape that leaked as appose to Portia di Rossi sex tape. I mean when is the Janeane Garofolo sex tape going to drop? When are those Woopi Goldberg nudie pics going to leak on the Internet? Never. It leads me to believe if these so-called "incidents" are encouraged if not cooked up by these so-called "victims" marketing teams. I'm just saying. The only people I see hurt in these situations are the people that "allegedly" leak the the goods. The boyfriends. It's like you get branded for life. Instant douche bag. None of these guys ever stay famous for more than the shelf life of pics/tapes. Do they? What was the guys name who leaked the Paris Hilton sex tape?....Exactly! I mean how many times can you watch the same porno? Two maybe three times if your really lame or your Internet gets shut off. These guys never prosper after the ish hits the world wide fan. Only the women prosper.
So I thinks it's safe to say that we shouldn't look down upon or feel sorry for these girls. The real victims in this situation are the boyfriends. They are the real heroes! Just kidding. But I've typed too much already and forgot the point I was trying to make anyway. Oh yeah. In today's society do you think that these sex tape/nude picture incidents are worth all the uproar? What are your thoughts?


  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2009

    I think it's all bull!!!

  2. It's still wrong to do that to someone tho.

  3. " many times can you watch the same porno? Two maybe three times if your really lame or your Internet gets shut off."

    J. Brookinz=experience