Sunday, June 28, 2009

Young Con Anthem "conservatives "

Yeah. These dudes are serious.

Stiltz & Serious C are the two founders of the thriving Young Conservative Facebook group. With a knack for conservative views and hip-hop, the mic naturally called their names to duty. In a day where conservatives are seen as close-minded and archaic, these fresh new rappers bring an enlightened perspective to a long-standing philosophy. The mile-high beats of Josh Riddle collide with the eastern flow of David Rufful to produce a dynamic fusion of hip-hop with a real, profound conservative message. They stand as a bastion of progress in the liberal stronghold of an Ivy League school, standing by their message amidst constant adversity. Instead of sinking into the assemblage of the self satisfied, Serious C & Stiltz energize our hearts and minds with lyrics that challenge our ideas of the current evolution of the American society.

Hanover, New Hampshire
United States

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