Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 10 Most Un-Funny Black Comedians

10. David Alan Grier


J: This man knows how to network. Jokes. Boo-Boo!

G: No No No maaaaan… That “Chocolate News” show was uber lame- UBER lame! Dave Chapelle’s funny sprit was rolling in it’s grave but this dude was funny as hell on, “In Living Color” and I know that was 40 years ago but still.

J: Dude has an awesome manager.
9. Tracy Morgan

G:ok he’s some timey so he’s number 10. The dumb act doesn’t always work

J: Never even cracked a smile at his jokes.

8. Cedric the Entertainer

G: Might be funny to 52 year olds, I don’t know who really thinks he’s funny. I bet he’s a charming guy though…

J: I like Cedric. He was great on (gasp!) Comic View. I don't support this pick.

7. Mike Epps

G: Sorry Naptown this dude has never even made me crack a smile. His latest work in The Hang Over says it all- he’s just an, “Insert Black Dude that talks a lot “ actor.

J: Epps is a funny dude. He’s Naptown thru and thru. That’s why Grey don’t feel em. I actually saw this guy in person. He owned the whole room. Genuinely very funny.

G: whatever… I’m Naptown thru and thru. If I’m not, Btam is and I love BTAM!

J: BTAM is not a comedian. I don't support this pick. Mike is funny!

6. DL Hughley

G: Wow… nice guy I’m sure, just not really smart enough to pull off the comedy he tries too and not stupid enough to pull off what Tracy Morgan does. He is observant but he doesn’t translate that in to jokes well.

J: Okay his sitcom was trash. And his news show is boring. But when DL gets on that ignint ish. He’s funny as HELL! I don’t agree with G on this pick.

5. Snoop

G: Sorry just being high and famous doesn’t make you funny- just stick to music and tell that to red and meth, oh wait- they got the memo.

J: Yeah, I think he gets a funny pass for being cool as hell. That’s it.

4. Anthony Anderson

G: Sorry just being fat is not funny in 2009 and hasn’t been since the 90’s I like him better in his serious roles.

J: Ditto.

3. Godfrey

G: Sorry just having crazy hair doesn’t make you funny in 2009 and hasn’t since the 80’s. This dude is the prime example of the, “Insert Black Dude that talks a lot “ actor. He is the black Jimmy Fallon, he’s the only person that laughs at his jokes.

J: Yeah this dude just looks funny. I never laughed at anything he’s ever done. Especially his fake Jamaican act. LAME!

2. Wanda Sykes

G: Sorry just because you’re loud doesn’t make you funny. How is this lady in showbiz? Was she a writer or something?

J: I think people think if your voice is funny you must be funny. I don’t get it.

01. Tyler Perry aka Sambo 2009

G: no comment. no need.

J: Grey and I were at a birthday party inebriated out of our minds and somebody decided to throw one of his plays in the VCR. I almost killed myself. WACK!!!!

G: Whole room got sad. No Laughs.

J: NONE from us! The rest of the room was crackin up.


  1. Wanda Sykes is just scary

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2009

    I was really expecting to see Kenan Thompson on this list. Hopefully in the top 5.

  3. you are so right!!!! Big + Funny Voice = Great Comedian *smh*


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