Friday, August 28, 2009

The {Re}Collective Company presents: Humanature!!! @ IndyFringe 2009

Performing 8/29 (10:30pm) & 8/30 (4:30pm) @ the Earth House
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Very Special Shout Out to TJ Reynolds who does spoken word for the group.

Here's what you can expect

The (Re)Collective Company, Indianapolis
The Earth House
5 stars
Rather than being a hodgepodge of multimedia effects, humanature’s
dance, music, spoken word and video converge into moments of virtual
synesthesia. It’s an impressive performance that lets the enormously
talented individuals shine on their own, while playing off each others’
interdisciplinary strengths. The dancers combine traditional and modern
techniques to present a visual delight, wisely not over-polishing their
program to the point of sterility. The raw beauty of their movements is
offset by music that, at times, simultaneously recalls both Philip
Glass and Roy Buchanan with its shifting, rapid rhythms and singing
cello and guitar. Spoken word and video give moments of repose from the
dancing, though never letting go of the audience’s imagination. The
moments featuring only video projection and cello are arguably the
show’s most beautiful. Any IndyFringe-goer had better have a good
excuse to miss this. Wednesday, 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10:30 p.m.; Sunday,
4:30 p.m. —Jeff Cox

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