Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Hiatus Is Over

So our internet brethren Circle City Mixshow has a new mix up! I bet you are asking...812 why should I download it?! I get so many request to download this or support that yadda yadda. Well...

1. Its on CCM and every mix on there goes hard.
2. Its by Cool Hand Lex, and he always goes hard. Plus its live from Subterra.
3. Its posted on Heavygun and well you guess it, we always go hard.
4. And prolly most important it has a badass description. Most cats would be like "yeah I mixed yadda yadda with yadda yadda, and its epic or I got this exclusive track or I did a crab scratch with my penis" No No No This is what lex says....
What you’ll hear:
Bass, bleeps, bloops, bloop blops, bleep blop blot bots, “Make It Funky,” buzzzzzzz, waaaaaaahhh, zip zip zippah, “Let The Bass Kick,” thud, rumble, grumble, clank, clink, rinky dinky shim shim sharoom


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Dont know where the shirt design is from, but I'm going to pretend it was inspired by Dr. Octagon.

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  1. Oh! Good looks 812! When am I getting a new mix from you?!?!