Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Myspace Rappers of the Month: Dirty High

If people don't stop saying Myspace is dead. C'mon. You can't be serious!!! I find cool shit on there all the time. Enter Dirty High. When I came across these guys I knew I had found the perfect mix between thuggin and Hip-Hop. With songs like "We Ryde" and "We Shynnin" and "Luv da Cookie", you know you're getting a diverse array of topics to treat your ears (and your subs!!!). Just listen to the lyrical dexterity on "We Ryde". This song is so hard I do a disservice by just quoting a bar or two. You HAVE to listen to THIS. ALL OF THIS! MYSPACE IS NOT DEAD!!!! VIVA LA MYSPACE!!!! Weeeeee Ryyyyyyde!!!!

we ride - myspace rappers of the month

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