Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Limit guerrilas, mercenary killers Beat's by the Pound, haters get clowned

Man fuck theBlue Print 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or how many of them they are. All Eyez On me…Eh whatever! Stillmatic…More like snoozematic. Enter the 36 Chambers….Yeah enter the 36 same ole BS. Ready to Die…How about ready for a new album.

I’m so tired of the discussion of what is the best album leaving out the album that is TRULY THE BEST ALBUM EVER…..MASTER P’S GHETTO D!!!!!!!!!!

The album has everything on it from anthems, to chill songs to tributes to fallin homies and getting high songs. I love how everyone is frontin on Master P now; knowing good and well back in the day you had a No Limit tank chain you bought at the chinese shop.

1. Ghetto D- Damn I remember when I popped in the CD and this track came on. I damn near crapped my pants. Damn is my lil suburban ass getting a lesson how to properly make and distributed crack…shiiiiiiiiit! Keep this shit rollin!

2. Let’s Get’em- There they go pass me the thangs lets get’em, I get swoll like a boulder! Really listen to the lyrics on this one a very deep introspective on the injustices of society.

3. I miss my homies- 2nd single off the album. Nice little slow jam as a tribute to the homies. Prolly my least favorite song. But you gotta love how P drops an “Uhh” out of nowhere.

4. We riders- The piano on this is just killer. “The game of life did change the old dope game is now called the rap game in other words you can't trust nobody money's the root of all evil I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare”

5. Throw em up- Straight fire again. No filler material on this album.

6. Tryin to do something- such a throwback feel to it. Plus Fiend, Mac & Mo B. Dick

7. Plan B- You be Halle Berry I'll be the ghetto Damon Wayans. Dude is straight clowin and showing his softer side.

8. Weed and Money- My favorite song off the album. On the surface you might thing its just about weed and money. Its actually about building wealthy vs be rich. Major difference cats just don’t get.

I scream with riches, tag teaming with bitches
96 we went gold, haters thought we was finished
97 went platinum, now they screaming NO LIMIT
TRU niggaz don't fall off this only the beginning

9. Captain Kirk- Beats by the Pound once again kill it with the beat on this one

10. Stop Hatin- The Timex Social sampled song…do I need to say anymore??

11. Eyes on your enemies- Just a raw simple song

12. Make 'Em Say Ugh- The song everyone knew. Shit gives me chills today.

I'm down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers
Tryin to get rid of all you haters and you bustas
Steppin on cold, break a niggaz nose
In the projects niggaz anything goes
Breakin fools off cause I'm a No Limit soldier
At ease now salute, this pass me the doja

13.Going through some thangs- The only song a semi didn’t like

14. Only time will tell- Rivals “dear mamma” in my mind

15.After dollars no cents- Once again the production team of Beats by the pound go nuts

16. Gangsta need love- Title says it all!! Dude can rock a soft track like no other!

17. I have never really been into weeds maybe smoked it a few times. With that said this song makes me feel like the biggest pothead, I get the munchies listening to it.

18. Come and get some- Rounded out the album with a hard ass song, just in case any of you bustas forgot how tuff Master P is.

19. Burbons and lacs- I knew this was a mega hit when my uncle was wearing his knee high socks, sandals, dirty t-shirt and cleaning his caddy with his disability money.


  1. this shit was HOT! I liked the TRU album a lot too!

  2. How drunk were you when you wrote this??? Just curious.

    But yeah, this shii IS hot! I remember my guy Roach bumpin' all the No Limit classics. I miss those days.

  3. Pretty drunk...but I'm always a No Limit Solider!!!!

  4. doesn't get much better than a diamond encrusted tank!!!!!!!


  6. I knew it, cause the drunker I get, the hyper I get. When I'm lit I'll mix down south music til I pass out. If I'm sober, I'm on that real hip hop bull shii. Love it. I'm a sucker for the south, that's my Oklahoma boy coming out in me.

  7. Screw being, Prez I just wanna be Colonel of the Tank!