Thursday, September 24, 2009

VOTE for "TheVision" in ARTvsART!!!

Today is the last day to vote for paintings in the "Art vs. Art" contest! Just go to and vote for canvas #4!!! That's theVision's piece! Once you're on the page with the pieces, you can click on the "search" option (in the upper right hand corner, above the images) and just punch in #4. You can vote for the same piece up to 3 times!!!

The actual event is tommorrow night, Friday, at the Vogue! If you've never been before, you should check it out... they destroy paintings with chainsaws and katana swords! It's mos def entertaining!

Thanks for voting for me... I appreciate it!



  1. It was a great night, topped off by an amazing performance by the continually evolving Pravada. The Vision didn't win, but he did sell this badass painting to a very happy buyer. ~Emily