Monday, October 19, 2009

Heavy Gun x Money Hoes and Clothes: Top 10 Rappers Behind Bars


10. C-Murder - Second Degree Murder - Life

J.Brookinz: With a name like C-Murder, it was only a matter of time. I still listen to Akickdoe to this day tho!

Mr. Gold: Remember Master P being all worried about C after Katrina? Where was P this summer at the second trial?

J.Brookinz: Oh yeah, I can still recite the first verse of "Makin Moves" from his first album from memory.

9. Method Man - Failure to Pay Taxes - Out on bail, awaiting trial

J.Brookinz: Because he's the best "rapper" on this list.

Mr. Gold: Yo Brookz, dude's not even in jail?

J.Brookinz: Oh. But when you look at it ALL rappers are in jail.

8.Black Rob - Grand Larceny - 7 years

J.Brookinz: Loyalty.This dude STILL fox wit Puffy (aka career killer)

Mr. Gold: Dude had one single and then went back to the block? Shoulda took Loon and G-Depp w/ him.

J:Brookinz: People front on Rob. Dude had a whole lot of jams. Both his albums were decent.

7. Lil Boosie - Marijuana Possession - 2 years

J.Brookinz: The man puts X pills in girls asses. C''s Bad Ass!

Mr. Gold: Who gets two years for marijuana anymore? Dude pass a blunt to the judge?

J.Brookinz: All he had to do do was tell the judge "Bitch, I'm BAD AZZ! Wipe me down"

6. Remy Ma - Assault, Illegal Weapon Possession and Attempted Coercion - 8 years

J.Brookinz: Because she's married to Papoose...that's good enuff for me. Papoose is the realest rapper ever!

Mr. Gold: Wow, that's one down ass bitch ... Lil Kim could learn a lot.

5. Mystikal - Sexual Assault - 6 years

J.Brookinz: What's wrong with getting a lil head. FREE MYSTIKAL!!!

Mr. Gold: What's wrong w/ letting your whole crew rape a ho's mouth? FREE MYSTIKAL!!?!

4. Tru Life - First Degree Murder - Awaiting trial

J.Brookinz: Have you seen Beef II...I'm not saying anything bad about this dude.

Mr. Gold: Yea, I'm just gonna remain silent on this one ...

J.Brookinz: Speaking of Beef II...

3. Prodigy - Illegally Owning a Firearm - 3.5 years

J.Brookinz: For exposing's always the crazy people.

Mr. Gold: *Cough, cough* I can't go to prison this year because I'm sick ...

J.Brookinz: This guy caught a lot of L's but his music was always solid. I fox wit P.

2. Max B - Multiple Counts of Kidnapping, Armed Robbery and Felony Murder - 75 years

J.Brookinz: Because even in jail the Wave rides on!

Mr. Gold: I feel so bad for Max B. Dude got stuck and wasn't even there...

1. TI - Illegal Purchase of Firearms - 1 year 1 day

J.Brookinz: Because people still believe he didn't snitch. Which I don't care if he did or not, but if I had that charge against me...I'd be UNDER the jail.

Mr. Gold: Dude's on top of the rap game and still carrying automatic weapons!

Honorable Mention. Bump J. - Armed Bank Robbery - 10 years

J.Brookinz: Who??

Mr. Gold: Damn, them Chi-town cats keep it real!

J:Brookinz: Aw yeah, he strong armed Kanye into giving him some beats and co-signing his album. He even got Lyor to co-sign him. I was checking for him but I never heard anything. ANYTHING. How does that even happen. The game is fugged up!

Special Thanks to Mr. Gold for helping me make this list!!!



  2. Black Rob but no Shayne?

  3. Tru Life was the REALEST!!! (now, a very humbled man.)

  4. He is back in Son!!! Mins after getting out on the state charges he got locked up on some Slick Rick your visa is expired-ish! Fuck robbing, selling weed and shooting mofos. Its all about immigration violations!

  5. Damn, I forgot all about Bump J, he had his Move Around song in a Mc Donalds ad at one point.