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Grey Granite
I love a good Horror Movie, my mom got me hooked when I was a kid we watched them all (Mybe thats why Halloween is my favorite Holiday).  So, I had to do a Top10 for Halloween. I called on fellow movie lover and DJ, Cool Hand Lex to help out! He made a list and I made one.
CHL (Cool Hand Lex)
Horror Movie background... I'm a 80's and 90's horror movie dude.  Those are for sure my favorites.  I love a good slasher flick, but the psychological and religiously based horror films are just as terrifying.  I never really got in to the b-horror movies or the scary foreign films, but they say the Japanese make some real nail biters. 
Grey's list
10. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 
The thought that the person next to you could be an alien imposter gives me the willies (what ever that means)
CHL: Never saw it. Definitely considered a classic though. 

9. Poltergeist 1982
So many creepy & twisted moments of Horror in these and it was done with no blood- right? That makes it even better!


8. Evil Dead 1, 2 1982 &1987
Classic gore flick! The Humor put it at number 8

7. In The Mouth Of Maddness 1994
Made to make you crazy! Good Story and concepts in it. What we believe is what is reality.

6. Dead Alive
My type of gore fest! What a good zombie movie should be. Zombie movies are the best you can do so much with these the possiblities for death and gore are endless well... this movie kinda did it all.

CHL: Another one I need to see. They say this is the bloodiest movie of all time, based on the amount of fake blood used.

5. The Audition 1999

I dont get all these Asian Horror Films they are not as scary as the Asian Yakuza Films (itchy the killer) Although this one was long and draged at points. It did have a good plot and sick concepts.

4. The Shining 1980
Not your average blood bath (well it had that too) more mentally twisted. It's not some monster chasing you in a dark house- it's your husband.
CHL: This movie will forever be among the top ten scariest movies of all time. A serious mind bender!
3. The People Under The Stairs

ok, I originally had "The Thing" but yeah... Lex is right it's more SciFi.
CHL: "What goes on in this house is a sin, but what goes on under the stairs is a nightmare!" Any movie with a hero named "Fool" is going to be an entertaining view. "The Thing" Really? At number three?? I think you just like Kurt Russell, Grey.
2. Candy Man 1992

This brought Horror- Home. Dudes voice was scary enough for me I was scared to go into the bathroom at


1. Hellraiser 1987
Above all the rest (and the rest is a long list) It turned the concept of the bad guy monster inside out- with spiked chain hooks! Shit the cover alone was enough to make me wet the bed instead of get out and face what might be in my closet!

CHL (Cool Hand Lex) List:
10. Hellraiser 1987

CHL: Cover schmuhver. Pinhead’s a creepy feller, I’ll give you that. That woman had mad love for him though. She brought him human sacrifices!!

GG: How is this 10!? Man, the cover is scarier than Children of the Corn!
9. Poltergeist

CHL: The dolls and that tree?!?! Even as an adult they make me nervous.
8. Evil Dead

Teenagers, full dismemberment, tree rape.

7. Amityville Horror

CHL: Any horror movie set in a home is frightening because it violates the sanctity of where a person makes themselves most vulnerable. And yes, even the 2005 remake was good. Ryan Reynolds showed some real dimension.
GG: Yeah good one. All of them, even the new one, were pretty cool.
6. Children of the Corn

CHL: Midwestern kids kill adults based on their religious beliefs. Scaaaaaarrrryyy!!

GG: I still don't go outside of Indianapolis because of this.
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OG)

CHL: The 16mm film used made it feel real, like some kind of documentary. Because of this movie, every haunted house and hay ride has a dude with a chainsaw now.
GG: The new one was good too. But that one with Dennis Hopper and was wik-wik-wack
4. The Shining 1980

CHL: This movie will forever be among the top ten scariest movies of all time. A serious mind bender!

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street

CHL: Fred didn’t develop his ridiculous sense of humor until the later installments of this series, although he does has the best kill lines of all time! The Nightmare movies always used the most current special effects and launched the careers of many now famous actors. I watched these films when I was like 6, so I used to have serious nightmares about Freddy. What’s scarier than being attacked when you’re sleeping??!!?
GG: I hope he's not telling jokes in the new one. I'm glad you put this on the list. It needed to be on the list but I wasn't about to do it. And I don't know why I feel that way. Yeah I do know why, it's the jokes. And those kids would F* him up really bad- not cool Freddy.
2. The Exorcist
CHL: The inhabited girl is confined to her room, but there are certainly scenes outside of there. Among the top vomit scenes in all of cinema, crucifix masturbation, plus the deaths of many involved in this project equal one terrifying flick. Ask any 10 Americans what the scariest movies is, probably 5 or more will say Exorcist.

GG: Hmmm... I never saw it. I think I'm too scared. And it seems kinda boring. Doesn't it all take place in one bed room?
1. Candyman 1992
CHL: I think this one is so scary to me because Cabrini Green is/was a real place. This white woman was doing research in the middle of the projects being courted and framed by a large, low voiced, black man/spirit. I once started a mixtape off with the Candyman theme and people still tell me about how they have to fast forward through it or they’ll get freaked out.

GG Honorable Mention:
George Romero's work rank the highest in my book and it would be unfair to place his work in this list.
Video Drone 1983, The Others, Night Breed 1990, Jacobs Ladder 1990 
Movies I Want To See: 
Session 9, Eyes Without A Face 
CHL Honorable Mentions:
House of 1000 Corpses, Sleepaway Camp, Mothman Prophecies, Jacob's Ladder, Wrong Turn, Shaun of
the Dead, Zombie Land
Movies I Want To See 
Student Bodies, Cannibal Holocaust
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