Friday, October 9, 2009

The World Loves Bob G Barker


Ok this post is prolly not going to make any sense to anybody but I don't care. My brain is still swimming from all the crazy alcohol concoctions (pause) Geek gave me last night ( again, pause). What the fugg is a Russian Cocaine? Do you even know what that is? I didn't think so? Let's just say it involved coffee grounds, sugar , a lemon, and of course Vodka. Followed by me yaking about (in no particular order) relationship problems, sleeping with animals, how to make cell phone service free, and God knows what else. How did I get home? How did I keep that McDonalds down? So many questions. So few answers.

Have you ever had an idea. Then, you find someone using the same idea and better yet, they make it popular. That shit sucks. True Story. When I was 5, my older brother and I (the only proper grammar in this post thus far) had this babysitter whose son would always have us on some bullshit(ie. looking for lost treasure, watching him throw up, crazy stories about his shell-shocked dad, etc...). Anyway, one day he decides to become a songwriter and drag me and my bro along for the ride. The kid was good. He even wrote parts for us in his new song. The shit was banging, dare I say, it was jamming. The song was called "Faith". Keep in mind. I'm 5. Everything I see (or hear) for the first time is fuckin LAW. Plus, I'm black. My peoples don't really fuck wit George Micheal. You can't imagine the feeling I had when I saw that "Faith" video for the first time. I was salty! George stole our fuckin song!!! It wasn't till years later I realized what had actually happened. But here's my point. Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling that somebody in another place is banking off of your shit. I can only imagine how the inventor of "no homo" feels towards DipSet. He caught a Raw Deal. They bent him over. He should be a millionaire!!!

Ok Ok...I know you're wondering where Bob G. comes into play in this unplanned, not well thought out, and spastic rant. Here's the connection. Everybody knows Bob G Barker is the fuckin creator of the "Must Be Nice" phrase. I mean c'mon people. I have witnesses. This dude owned that phrase! That's his catch phrase! Am I wrong? Anybody who knows Bob G. knows I'm right. But it's not just the phrase it's how you say it. You have to say it slow. You have to put some bass in your voice. You have to summon your inner Gary accent. You have to say that shit like Bob G! Anyway I saw this album cover below and that's how this whole "rant" thing started.


...really? You know you stole that from Bob G, right? Dammit man! People are going to stop stealing from us. Ok. I'm done. Sorry for making you read that. It's just how my brain works. I take something simple and make it really complicated. It's my curse.


ps. I'm not even mad at Jabee I'm actually going to download his mixtape right now. And so should you!

Jaybee-Must Be Nice Mixtape (via 2Dopeboyz)


  1. Heavy Gun post of the year.


    "...this babysitter('s) son would always have us ...watching him throw up..."

  2. looks like btam loves bob g.

  3. I remember the night hat photo was taken. It was one of the best nights ever.

  4. Yeah, this post goes hoard. Good shit. Mustbenice....