Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cliffhangers:The bane of my exsitence!!!


Ok gunners time for more randomness. For years I've had a DEEP DARK SECRET. I've been too ashamed to tell even my BEST friends. Quick back story...As a youngin, my brother and I used to spend every summer at my grandmothers house. We would climb trees, terrorize the neighborhood children (because we were unruly city folk), and destroy anything in our paths. But our favorite past time was watching countless hours of television. At 11PM every week day we could hear our grandparents in the back room enjoying their favorite program, The Price Is Right. For the first couple of times we just ignored their festivities and continued to watch MTV (back when they played videos). But, one day we decided to see what all the fuss was about with this Price Is Right thing. We weren't prepared for aftermath. This show was AWESOME! It was like a gameshow on crack with a pimp as the host. The contestants were awesome (but kinda clueless) the prizes were great, and the ladies were fly! It taught us everything a young lad needed to learn on way to manhood . Needless to say we were hooked. Then came that fateful day when I saw something that changed my life forever. CLIFFHANGERS. Everything about this game was wrong. Here's the premise.

The contestant is shown a two-digit prize and asked to bid on it. If they bid the actual price, the mountain climber stays where he is. Otherwise, the climber moves up the mountain, advancing along the scale the number of dollars away the contestant's bid is from the actual price. To give an element of suspense to the game, the actual price is not revealed until after the climber has moved, so that the contestant and audience will not know how far he will travel. If the climber remains on the mountain, the contestant wins that small prize.

The process is repeated for two more two-digit prizes, generally of increasing value. The climber continues from the point at which he stopped for the previous prize. If the contestant's bids are a total of $25 or less away from the actual prices of the prizes (i.e., if the climber does not go over the cliff), the contestant wins all three small prizes and the grand prize. If the climber goes over the cliff at any point, the game ends. (via wiki)

Really??? If the contestant "loses" a man falls to his death??? Something about this didn't sit right with me. I mean "What did this guy do to deserve this??? And what's with this music??? So misleading. The music totally doesn't set the mood for what is taking place. A man has pretty good chance of falling off a cliff and you're yodeling ??? I don't know about you but that's fugged up to me! I refused to watch that game afterward but it still stuck with me. I could hear that haunting yodeling in my nightmares. And to this day, every time I hear yodeling I cringe. I heard that same yodeling today when I was walking past the television. I stopped dead in my tracks. I had all of these old emotions coming back. It had been over fifteen years since I heard that blood curdling chant but it felt like I was a kid again. I was forced to turn off the TV. There's a special place in hell for whoever created that sick and twisted game. -end rant-

This is just sick.

save yourself the trouble and skip to :53

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