Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greg Oden....HeavyGun's Idiot of the month.

So I went to North Central High school in Indy ( Panthers what what!!) Some other high schools I hate include Carmel, Ben Davis and Of course Lawrence North and Central. I lived in Lawrence township till the 7th grade.What a shit hole with a car air freshener on top of it that joint is. I really hated Lawrence North because they always cheated and brought old ass 20 years olds posing as freshman to their bball squad. No bigger idiot is the too tall one leg longer than the other Greg Oden. The internet is abuzz ( unlike his NBA career) about some nude photos he sent to a girlfriend. This is some myspace in the bathroom let me show you my junk type-ish. To see them click here

What a moron

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