Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Hip-Hop gift from J.Brookinz

I feel bad Gunners. I haven't given all you Hip-hop junkies anything to feast on in a while. But, have no fear. I haven't forgot you guys. Hip- Hop is still near and dear to my young heart. Yesterday, I went through some of my beats and found this jewel that I played for the Scribble Jam beat battle here in Indy in '08. Grey Granite has been begging me to release those beats as an album because they all the beats had a Blaxpotation theme. I still might but who knows. Anyway, I did want to throw some of the beats out to the people as a kinda snack (a la' Dilla Donuts). The beat is only a minute (because of beat battle time constraints) but it's an enjoyable minute imo. I acted the whole thing out on stage because I was feeling goofy at the time. It was hilarious. Anyway, enjoy this little ear-snack and look forward to more Hip-Hop treats from ya boi in the near future! Peace. J.Brookinz


sidenote: if you smoke you'll definitely enjoy this joint (no pun intended)

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