Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pants On The Ground Video

if you missed American Idol last night you missed out on a classic. thx YouTube!Somebody sign this man.

The plot thickens...

Nomad, a good friend and ATL resident just informed me that the General is a certified Civil Rights hero. He even has a holiday named after him in Atlanta. Wow. Here's a couple more articles talkin about Mr. Platt.


  1. Step your knowledge game up. Mr General Larry Pratt is actually a human/civil rights icon here Atlanta, even had his own day dedicated to him for his bravery. Marched with King, and was arrested for protesting... Crazy I know, but true. Goes to show you can never judge a book by it's cover: Do a google search...

  2. Either way. It was still funny. You can be an activist and important dude, and still get down! Haha! He was just expressing his dislike of the youth of today's saggy pants.

  3. Wow. That puts thing in perspective. I wonder why the producers didn't mention that in his profile. They made it look like it was some crazy ol man off the street. Thanks for sharing that information Nomad. I'll be sure to put that in the post.