Monday, January 11, 2010

Some of my favorite rap skits of all-time

For some reason I kinda feel this is what record company execs are like behind closed doors. Hence the title. Who is doing that dudes voice. Is that Pharaoh Monch? Anyway, this skit is hilarious!

I was also one of five people who owned this album. I was Wu-Tang-ed out back in the day. The skit at the beginning of this song is classic. Wu made dissing 50 Cent popular way before anybody else. West Coast accents > any other accent

A classic. These guy were REALLY high when they made this.

I couldn't find a lot of my favorites. I guess people don't put skits on YouTube. I'll try to find some more. 1st up! Styles P Shits Done Changed Skit...I LOVE that one!!!

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