Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ya boy is back!

So your boy has been MIA. What had happened was I almost died, twice! Here's a little story I gots to tell… So I got uber fucked up one night. Way beyond the typical fucked up. This was some epic shit. I don’t even remember why I got so drunk (but who does?!) So after I shut the spot I was drinking at down, I started to fall home. I was starving though; I know I had no food at the crib so I walked into the gas station at the corner. I looked around and saw the normal affair…chips, snacks etc etc. I wanted needed something hot. So I went over to the hot dog thingy and got a spicy and regular dog ( I can already hear the sighs). They looked kosher though, and they had lots of fixings. So I drop my 2 bucks down and walk home. I get home ready to smash on the goodness. I throw some onions and mustard on it. I take a bite out of the regular one, dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and something just is not right about it! I drop it take a bite out of the spicy…it was spicy but not good nor edible. Next thing I know I repaint my bathroom toilet. I figured it was just all the drinks I had. I thought so until for the next week ya boy could not move. I finally got over the sickness then the other brotha Obama hit me when the swine flu. Its all good in the hood though, I am back being all inappropriate on the HeavyGun.

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  1. eating steamy hotdogs from a gas station... you should hae known better... havent you seen that show where Fry ate that and had mind altering worms???