Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 10 bunny tricks!

Compiled by Young Carolyn and Grey Granite

10) Bunny wants his carrots

9) Bunny made of 15 old Goodwill coats

8) Bunny says enough with the tricks and desperately tries to let you know this kid is serious. he's been abused. He got my attention.

7) Bunny says "Fuc yo chips!"
6) Sad, depressed, bum bunny learns to pleasure self. This bunny turns tricks.

5) This is not a bunny, but it is an awesome trick! It uses it's balls as a pillow!

4) This is one Grey Granite picked out. I say it's not quite a trick, but talent none the less. Some farts you can be proud off, and that is one.

3) Okay, this isn't a trick, but damn it gets you on the edge of your seat anticipating..!

2) This bunny goes hard in soccer..

1) This bunny is in prison. You can see the bunny bunk beds in the background. Just wait for it.. p.s. the dude who made this is a horrible person.


  1. Why is that rabbit so big???

  2. I read thats its a mixture of what they feed him carrots, maple syurp, and Horse Heads.