Wednesday, March 17, 2010

s.a.i.n.t. RECON

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s.a.i.n.t. RECON creates its "prog-hop" sound by carving a snarling threshold for holding the interest of both music-minded rockers and hiphop junkies.  The group packs its repertoire with danceable, raw-boned jams that regularly win the crowd's favor. s.a.i.n.t. RECON is something truly unique.

Jesse, Ace, and Kinetik all met through ties with Rusty Redenbacher of the Mudkids. Ace made appearances on Russ' solo album 'LAZARUS' while Jesse played bass in the live band.  The primal s.a.i.n.t. RECON sound came from Jesse producing the beats, adding bass, and then throwing the tracks back and forth to Russ and Ace for vocal work.

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