Tuesday, April 20, 2010

J. Brookinz presents The Gateway Drug:THC

The Gateway Drug: THC the new album from J. Brookinz
Just as promised, here's the new album from J. Brookinz entitled the Gateway Drug: THC just in time for your 4:20 session today! This is the first solo release from J. Brookinz since his legendary American Gangster remix project. Featuring Naptown heavy weights like alpha.live, Com.Dot, Grey Granite, Oreo Jones, Rusty Redenbacher (of the Mudkids), the Night Riders, and Yeti-One, Brookinz does his best to put on for his city. Even if you don't blaze, the soulful bangers from J. Brookinz and company are must haves for your collection!

1. Oreo Jones - I Want Sum
2. Com.Dot - She Likes
3. Grey Granite + J. Brookinz - Dig It
4. The Night Riders - Roll It Up
5. Mr. Kinetik - The Party Record
6. Rusty Redenbacher - The Business
7. alpha.live - WEED
8. Yeti-One - The WEED Song

Happy holidays from Heavy Gun Recordings!

DOWNLOAD: J. Brookinz presents The Gateway Drug: THC


  1. yay! J Brookinz busted his ASS to get this done! he started working on it last week.