Monday, May 3, 2010

Grey Granite & J Brookinz Zap Town Mag interview

Grey Granite and producer J. Brookinz dropped their latest labor of love on Indianapolis. Lust Poisons Pride effectively blends Granite’s distinctive electro/hip-hop/dance music with fresh and ultramodern experimental tracks. The album is a milestone for both Granite and Brookinz, as they continue to think outside the box and strive to present Indianapolis with music and sounds they never fathomed from a local artist.

The paragraphs that follow are a brief background of Granite’s expansive place in our community, a springboard that explores what’s unique and different about his music and why it has taken so many people by surprise.

DL: How does a song typically develop and come to life in your partnership?

GG: I come up with an idea based on whatever Brookinz is into at the time and pitch it to him.

JB: And then I shoot it down. (laughs)

GG: He shoots it down, but then comes back at me a month later with a beat or some music. Then I write to that and we record. Brookinz plays with it for a while and comes back to me with it, a lot of the time with something that sounds completely different than the original concept.

JB: We’re control freaks.

Control freaks? Maybe. Perfectionists? Definitely. With Lust Poisons Pride, the two played this back-and-forth game of song tossing for more than a year, but ultimately ended with an album that clocks in at just under 30 minutes. On the surface, it appears that a significant amount of time was invested in a project yielding little content in return. But after a third, fourth, or fifth spin of the record one begins to hear a theme in the songs and listen on a much deeper level. Click Here to Read More

photographs below by Kayla Houssian


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