Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Train To Nowhere

<a href="">Bossa Nova Shuffle(Bon Voyage) by PostModern Escape Artist</a>

WORDS FROM THE CREATOR- a 19 year old experimental hip hop producer hailing from San Francisco who goes by the name of "The Postmodern Escape Artist:

Although I do love me some J-dilla, my main influences are more towards movie-esque hip hop artist such as DJ Shadow, RJD2, Wax Tailor, and Dan the Automator. I myself give my music a cinematic touch by utilizing themes such as 1940's hollywood b&w romance, b movie sci fi and horror, film noir, and even vintage kung-fu movies.
I recently released a free for download Mini Lp entitled "Last Train To Nowhere" which includes both sampled based and originally composed works. It's overall feel is downtempo and incorporates elements of Bossa Nova , hollywood classic string music, trip hop, and electronica.

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