Friday, June 11, 2010

Based God!!!

Ok, before I get into this, I have a confession. I like crazy. I attract crazy. I enjoy crazy. It may surprise people that I like some rappers (Max B,OJ da Juiceman ,Project Pat, etc...) but I've learned to enjoy music for what it With that being said, it's my pleasure introduce Lil B. I found out about Mr. B at He had a new video on there like everyday. I never would watch them because he looks like every other rapper that floods the interwebs with  horrible freestyles and music every week. UNTIL there was video on the site of him getting sucker punched by some random punk doing a mock-interview.I had to watch that... I love to see rappers get punched on's magical....nothing is better than that. Anyway...that's not the video that peeked my interest on the young "Based God" tho. It was his response to the video of him getting sucker punched that made me pay a little more attention to the youngin.He was talkin about "uplifting the Black man" followed by the phrase "ya feel me" after every sentence. Hey...I'm down with uplifting the Black man and all that... let me checkout your music...Lil B may be the next Nas....JACKPOT!I had no idea what I was in for... This is the first video I watched...I had to...look at the title!!!!Never-mind the title did you watch this video!?! This is entertainment folks. This guy is the future of Hip-Hop. I've never heard ANYTHING like this. He's being DEAD SERIOUS! I can tell when a rapper is fronting...this guy is totally into what he's doing.... you at least gotta respect that. YES. He referred to himself as a "pretty bitch". YES. He said that "hoes were on his dick cause he looked like Jesus". YES he calls himself the "Based God". This isn't crazy folks...this is PURE genius! Lil B just earned a loyal fan. What will this guy do next???...wait...he has a song called "I'm a fag, I'm a lesbian"...To Be Continued...


  1. yo this dudes in the Pack (of vans fame)... peep his college bros freestyle!

  2. I didn't know he was part of The Pack. His voice is killing me though...