Thursday, July 29, 2010


Grey Granite | Oreo Jones | Turn It On from Another Cool Design on Vimeo.
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Grey Granite - Turn It On ft. Oreo Jones by HeavyGun
Grey Granite and El Carnicero's journey to Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster continues with second single "Turn It On" featuring Oreo Jones:

Picking up where "Not A Robot" left off, Grey Granite and El Carnicero roll out their second singe from Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster "Turn It On" featuring Heavy Gunner Oreo Jones.  "Turn It On" is a pure party jam with a bouncy beat and psychedelic synths that compels the listener to have a good time and dance.  Both Grey and Oreo bring their spit game on this one.  Grey is at home rhyming about his love of High Life, women and parties.  And Oreo doesn't care because he "ain't got no underwear."  Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster is coming this summer!

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