Thursday, September 16, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD: Atlantic Connection - Fifteen Minutes Mixtape

Atlantic Connection. Fifteen Minutes (a producers story) by AtlanticConnection

Here's a mix from one of my favorite dance music producers.  He's recently been featured on a few different MTV shows.

1. Players Intro
2. Reach ft. Armanni Reign (forthcoming on Westbay Music)
3. Need You Tomorrow (forthcoming on Westbay Music)
4. Heat ft. Mental Sharp & Pouya (2010 big synths mix)
5. Champion (Instrumental tease)
6. AudioDax - Uh Oh ft. Constant L Burts (offical demo remix)
7. Never Give Up
8. Edison Gem - Things Change (AC Remix)
9. Sugar ft. Armanni Reign (tease)
10. Rise with the Sun
11. Can't Stop (Won't Stop) ft. Julz
12. Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix)
13. Big Shot ft. Tetris & Julz (MTV's Jersey Shore)
14. LA Girl Remix (Tetris) ft. Julz
15. Talib Kweli - Country Cousins ft. UGK (AC unofficial Remix)
16. Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Lazers!) (AC unofficial Remix)
17. Feel the Love ft. Armanni Reign & Shannon Swain
18. New York, Los Angeles (Needs more Shanice mix)

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