Wednesday, October 20, 2010

J. Brookinz presents The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit

In celebration of Halfway to 4:20, J. Brookinz is releasing a remastered version of The Gateway Drug: THC!
On 4/20/2010, J. Brookinz provided the world with a little bit of holiday cheer from the Indianapolis hip-hop music community. Now, on the halfway mark to 4/20/2011, Mr. Brookinz is putting the blunt back to the flame with The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit. This deluxe edition contains remastered versions of the classic joints and a smokin' remix from drum-n-bass prodigy Dave Owen. Featuring Naptown heavy weights like, Com.Dot, Grey Granite, Oreo Jones, Rusty Redenbacher, the Night Riders, and Yeti-One, Brookinz does his best to put on for his city. Even if you don't blaze, the soulful bangers from J. Brookinz and company are must haves for your collection!

  J. Brookinz presents The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit by HeavyGunRecs

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