Friday, February 4, 2011

Because we care... @issaino Valentine's Day Cards

 "Check out the Anti-Valentine line for those who aren't really diggin this Hallmark Holiday" - Pimpin

Gunners...I'm not good at Valentines Day card picking...I suck. So the homie Pimpin of Issa.Ino has some help for me (and maybe you to). These cards are way better than a Hallmark card because they're handmade and one of kind. Cards are blank inside and come with a white envelope and are packaged in a clear plastic sleave. Custom cards are also available for Valentine's day as well as birthday's and other holidays. Don't say we never tried to help ya'll out!!!!

Buy a card via etsy and use the code HEAVYGUN and get 15% off (plus free shipping in the US) good until 2/14. Code is ONLY good on etsy.
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  1. So gorgeous!!! such a hard work i like its designing specially its colors...
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