Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heat Index - DJ EADE

  Heat Index by DJ Eade
1) Fancy Mike- Death Proof
2) Big Boi feat Yelawolf- You Ain't No DJ
3) Harmonic 313- Cyclotron
4) Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell- Drop It Like It's Hot
5) Machinedrum- Let It
6) Flying Lotus- Melt!
7) Nosaj Thing- Caves
8) Baby feat. Clipse- What Happened to that Boy
9) Lorn- Automaton
10) Rustie- Just for Kicks (Instrumental)
11) Kanye West- Monster (Kingdom Nicki Centric Remix)
12) Hovatron- Gold Star Radiation
13) Missy Elliott- Work It (Lunice Remix)
14) Low Limit- Out the Club
15) Mosca- Tilt Shift
16) Busta Rhymes- Touch It
17) Lazer Sword- Jet Black
18) Mr. Oizo- Z
19) Rustie- Clipper
20) Jacson 5- I Want You Back (Roger 72 Remix)

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