Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lotus - Blacklight Sunflare - tigersapien remix

  Lotus - Blacklight Sunflare (tigersapien remix) by tigersapien

Lotus and Tigersapien Swap Remixes
 Tigersapien and Beard-o-Bees (Lotus’s Jesse Miller) have released a pair of swapped remixes – Blacklight Sunflare (tigersapien remix) and Not Dead (Alive) Beard-o-Bees Remix.

The Tigersapien remix of Blacklight Sunflare (from Lotus’s forthcoming studio album) is a dance-floor ready track combining Tigersapien’s signature distorted synth sounds and electro vibe with Lotus’s melodic hooks.  Turn on your blacklights and turn up the subs.

Listen:   Blacklight Sunflare (tigersapien remix) http://soundcloud.com/tigersapien
              Not Dead (Alive) Beard-o-Bees remix http://soundcloud.com/beardobees

Download at iTunes:
Lotus – Blacklight Sunflare (Tigersapien Remix)
Tigersapien – Not Dead (Alive) Beard-o-Bees Remix

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