Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jay-Z and Kanye West - Otis (WATCH the THRONE)

OK...this is a new Jay and Kanye track so the main consensus with MOST people is going to be "This is the WORST SONG OF ALL TIME" or "This is GREAT". I fall in the latter bunch. It's simple...the beats not doing too much...anybody at home could probably make the beat in an old Acid 2.0. But that's not the point. These guys could have any beat in the WORLD but this simple loop is what they choose. GENIUS. They can do whatever they want sonically and they DO IT! You can hear it in the verses...It's fun...almost like a Victory lap. Like "I know you're taking this Marathon serious but I'm going to run it backwards and still WIN." That's why I think this "Watch the Throne" album is gonna be amazing. These guys just can't lose...Watch the Throne bidges.

Oh here's that sample used in another song...which was just as hot.

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