Tuesday, July 26, 2011

@TheRealSkyzoo - The Great Debater (HEAT)

 After admitting that I was helly late on listening to this mixtape on twitter Skyzoo personally sent me the link to this album. Talk about fan service!!! That's why I love twitter...making connections. After that, I promptly downloaded said mixtape and loaded it on my playlist. It doesn't disappoint...at all. It's rock solid...beats and rhymes are ALL on point. I often cry about not being able to find good Hip-Hop but lately my cries have been answered ( Soul Cinema, Black Fabio, The Hustler and The Professor to name a few).But, don't take my word for it, (well actually...do take my word.) click the link below Gunners...don't sleep on this.

Click link below for Stream/Download
01. Complicated Rhythm [prod. Best Kept Secret]
02. Rap Like Me [prod. Eric G.]
03. Written in the Drums [prod. Swiff D.]
04. Designer Drugs [prod. 9th Wonder]
05. Parade Me [prod. Fatin]
06. We Here [prod. Best Kept Secret]
07. Atypical [prod. !llmind]
08. Expensive Habits (ft. Jesse Boykins III) [prod. 14KT]
09. Until It All Goes (ft. Manhattan) [prod. C-Sick]
10. Test Drive [prod. !llmind]
11. Inheritance [prod. E. Jones]
12. Get Him to the Greek [prod. 9th Wonder]
13. Could’ve Struck the Lotto
14. For the Awake (ft. King Mez) [prod. Oh No]
15. For the Sleepers [Reinterpreted by E. Jones]
16. The Definitive Prayer [prod. David Axelrod] 

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