Monday, November 14, 2011

Dave Owen "Hoes & Shows" out now!

Dave Owen - Hoes & Shows (RS005) by Rad Summer

Dave Owen spins a drum-n-bass world of “Hoes & Shows” on his contribution to Rad Summer!:

With more than a bit of work, Rad Summer has been able to wrangle a 4 track EP out of liquid drum-n-bass aficionado Dave Owen. RS005 “Hoes & Shows” is producer Dave O’s love letter to old school, funky, and soulful jungle. The project opens with the lead track “Hoes & Shows”, a liquid track with a jump-up twist; next it moves into Lemi Vice’s dubstep remix of the lead; the third track is the OG version of “Conundrum”, a remix of which dropped on iQ last year; and the EP finally culminates with Dave’s remix of “Sooner or Later” by Rad Summer emcee Oreo Jones. RS005 is in digital retailers now.

If you’ve been listening to drum-n-bass for the past 2 years, it would be nearly impossible not to encounter the nam Dave Owen. With tracks like “Yo Girl” prepping to be released sometime soon and in heavy rotation on the BBC, Dave is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in stateside DnB. With a solid understanding of sound and an awe-inspiring knack for crate digging, Dee Oh!’s crafting some of the slickest tunes this side of the Atlantic. Watch for this cat to do huge things including playing Dublin and London for the first time in the next coming months!

PURCHASE: RS005 - Dave Owen - “Hoes & Shows” EP | SoundCloud
PREVIEW MIX: RS005 - Dave Owen - “Hoes & Shows” EP

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Current Age: 31
Current Residence:
Favourite movie:
blow,The Fountain
Favourite genre of music:
Favourite photographer:
Jan Saudek/Misha Gordin
Favourite game:
Favourite gaming platform:
my studio
Favourite cartoon character:
fethiTools of the Trade: nikon D1x / canon 5D

Electric Kool-Aid Experiment- HALLO-RAGE show @ The Verve pt2



Slaughter on the AUDIO - Electric KoolAid Experiment by ElectricKoolAidExperiment

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lubomir Arsov / I see RED!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Art Direction, Character Design, Drawing


"Spanish Fly"
Ten Kens (
Director: Kareem Thompson
Produced by: Black Belt Kids (

Illustrations for the music video "Spanish Fly" by the band Ten Kens, directed by Kareem Thompson.

ps. HeavyGun is working on an interview with Mr. Arsov for you. He said he was inspired by our interest in his work and is going to start on something new- yay! (more to come)

Outta Control - Grey Granite ft. Bob G Barker

From: granitegrey | Nov 7, 2011 | 1 views

from the album playfair
Listen or Download the album here:
Grey Granite x 90LBS - PLAYFAIR by greygranite

@HeavyGunBlog X Broad Ripple Music Fest Beat Battle III (VIDEO)

The third annual J.Brookinz Beat Battle at Broad Ripple Music Fest. /// Location: Casba /// Footage Shot by Harold Russel /// #NAPTOWN ///
Sponsored by No Bad Ideas Paper Dreams Dynamic Producer

for more info on this event contact J.Brookinz