Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Grey Granite: Heavy Gun
Isolation is a common theme in my conversations with Indianapolis hip-hop movers and shakers. “It's almost like Indianapolis is kind of in their own world, not necessarily as concerned with everything going around it. It's a lot slower pace than what I am used to, when I have worked with people in Chicago and San Diego,” said Stuart. Coleman agreed, commenting, “It seems like people from [Indy] support people that don't live here more than the people that do.

I don't know why that is, it's weird.”Indy artist Grey Granite, who prefers to leave his given name a mystery, is the man behind Heavy Gun, a five-year-old hip-hop music, tech and culture blog. He also makes his own music, currently releasing one single per week as part of his new project, titled Wake The Fuck Up. The project capitalizes on Granite's personal brand of electronically infused hip-hop. Granite's feels some of the frustration Stuart and Coleman have expressed. “[People] here are pussies. They don't have faith in art. I'm not talking about the artists, I'm talking about the listener. They have no faith in the Indianapolis artists. It's unimaginable that I'm the hottest shit on the planet to you right now. It's like seeing a blue elephant walk into the room. John Cougar Mellencamp been gone. Michael Jackson been gone. You know, I saw Jay-Z before he got big. I saw Janelle Monae before she got big. And that could be me. That could be here,” said Granite. There exists an unavoidable bit of tension between Granite and the boys behind BDTB, as both sites, although not necessarily competitors, certainly fulfill the same function in Indy. But Granite supports Stuart, especially complimenting his music. “[I love] Lonegevity and Gritts of Hinx Jones. That Frozen Liquor record is amazing. It's like Outkast's first record. It's like Goodie Mob and the Dungeon Family. Cee Lo [Green], that could be Gritts, you know?” said Granite.

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