Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interview with Defame from #Naptown Hip Hop

Heavy Gun Interview with Defame from #Naptown Hip Hop featuring new song Sumerian Nights.

1) HG: How did you get the name Defame?

Defame: The name "defame" kinda came out of nowhere. I probably liked it because it contained 'def' and was similar to 'deftones'. I probably just should have went with 'GORILLAPHANT', though.

2) HG: Name three things you would change about hip hop right now?

Defame: Hmmmmm. I don't know If I'd change anything in particular. I guess I would just like to see people's perception as a whole of what 'hip-hop' is evolve.

3) HG: If you stopped listening to hiphop today what would you be playing in the car?

Defame: Thats hard to imagine. Probably stuff that's loud and noisy and weird.

4) HG: What mainstream hiphop artist do you like the most?

Defame: Is Ghostface mainstream? I'm gonna say Ghost. P. Tone.

5) HG: Who is your favorite hip hop artist you've worked with? And why?

Defame: I'm gonna have to say my friend Lorax. He's unreal with the flow and isn't scared of any beat I throw his way!

6) HG: How do you prepare for your next song/beat?

Defame: Nirvana - Nevermind

7) HG: How do you prepare for your next song/beat?

Defame: Lately it's been lip syncing the Yamasuki singers and watching Ancient Aliens.

8) HG: What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Defame: In 2012 I am looking forward to releasing a few projects. 'Circuit Bent Beats' which is a collaborative EP with Nathan Monk. All of the beats are based around loops and sounds I made from an original set of sounds recorded by Nate. Circuit bent kids toys, turntables, etc. it's a fun listen. Also, I will be releasing an instrumental album called 'Astroglyphics'. It's about space, time, human origins, celestial ancestors etc. Plus more with Lorax for Cicada Shells as well as forming a band thats been talked about between my friends and I.

9). HG: Quick, name 3 songs that you have on repeat right now!!

Defame: Are You...Can You...Were You? (Felt) by Shabazz Palaces, Horizons by Puscifer and Ghost Life by Echomaker.

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