Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LONEgevity "DILLA!"

Here is the third single off of my upcoming instrumental album entitled"Reverb". This song was made in J Dilla's tribute a little less than ayear ago. The beat is sampled from 12 different J Dilla tracks/beats...from the kick to the ambiance (ie- every sound you hear). The project isdropping 2/21/12, and is sponsored by BDTB (bringingdowntheband.com /@bdtb). It's my 5th themed instrumental project; this time it'smood-heavy, mixed with layered samples and flipped and mixed with somelive instrumentation.Song Link:"DILLA!" --> http://soundcloud.com/scstuart/lonegevity-reverb-07-dillaFirst 2 Singles off of "Reverb":"M" --> http://soundcloud.com/scstuart/lonegevity-m"Magic" --> http://soundcloud.com/scstuart/magicI'm also half of hip-hop duo Hinx Jones based out of Indianapolis. I'veproduced for Hinx Jones, Mike Schpitz, Sulaiman, Pete Sayke, Grumpy OldMen, Jimmy Powers, alpha.live, Papi Jamon, Grey Granite, Tony Styxx,Skittz, Scoot Dubbs, Blake Allee, and Mr. Kinetik amongst others.Thanks again for your time and support - artwork is attached,Sean / Lonegevity@lonegevitylonegevity.comhinxjones.com

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