Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Video] Mel Wellman -- UnderRated (premiered on MostlyJunk​

Mel Wellman is an artist and producer from Philadelphia. His upcoming mixtape, Noise In The Library 2 is a follow up to his previous mixtape, Noise In The Library. Mel will be releasing material all month leading up to the release. Mel is not your stereotypical rapper; he strays from the norm keeping it classy in his bow tie and refraining from the typical boasts of drugs, money and material things. Since his video release for Jehovah's Witness, Mel has listeners buzzing with positive feedback and the want to hear more.

After his self-produced song, UnderRated premiered on JENESIS Magazine a couple weeks ago, the video premiered on today.
Directed by Freeway's videographer, Jimmy Giambrone, Mel keeps it classy for Philly in this one. UnderRated will appear on his upcoming mixtape, Noise In The Library 2, dropping 3/27.

Mel's Twitter: @MelWellman
Director Jimmy Giambrone's Twitter: @slimbojimboyo

JENESIS Premiere: Video Premiere:

Previous video release, Jehovah's Witness:

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