Monday, March 5, 2012

Add-2 "Gotdamn" (Lonegevity Remix)

Lonegevity-part of hip-hop duo Hinx Jones ( // @hinxjones), based out of Indianapolis, and a member of the Cut Camp collective ( //@cutcamp) brings us a new remix- "Goddamn". He has produced for Hinx Jones, Mike Schpitz, Sulaiman, PeteSayke, Grumpy Old Men, Jimmy Powers,, Papi Jamon, Grey Granite,Tony Styxx, Skittz, Scoot Dubbs, Blake Allee, and Mr. Kinetik amongst others. He is also an emcee, engineer, and jack of many trades. He mostly recently released "Reverb" in late February, which is an instrumental project sponsored by BDTB that you can grab here:

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