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HEAVYGUN Interviews - Blake Allee


1) HG: How did you get your name Blake Allee?
BLAKE ALLEE: I went back in time and told my mom that she should name her son Blake. My dad's last name just so happened to be Allee. I could not think of a cooler stage name, so I used my real one.

2) HG: When you think of Indianapolis Hip Hop, what comes to your mind?
               BLAKE ALLEE: I love the Indianapolis scene and the people in it!It has taught me a lot.  I am not content being a local rapper tho.

3) HG: What is “My Best Friends Are Machines”?
BLAKE ALEE: That is the name of my newest mixtape (all originalbeats I produced)  Basically it is me and my machines/instrumentscreating a world, recording it, and then putting it out there forpeople to hear.

4) HG: You recently did a video called “Purple iPod”; can you explain what this video means to you? 
BLAKE ALLEE: I guess it seems like relationships are so mysterious,interesting, and like "man I would love to see this girl naked" whenyou first meet a girl.  Until you find out her favorite band isNickleback or she had sex with someone stupid, and you both realize you are not  perfect.  So lets fall in love at first sight, listen tomusic together, and die before the fairy tale is over.  I wanted tocommit duel suicide, but without, well, being dead lol.  It was shoton the canal downtown by Tom Robots, with help from Dom Zilla.

5) HG: Can you talk a little bit about your music and what sets you a part from other artist?
BLAKE ALLEE: I produced, wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and didthe artwork for the whole project.  That to me makes it art instead ofjust music.  I look at my music in relation to people like Picasso,Shepherd Fairey, Todd Rundgren, Monet, and Edgar Allan Poe.  Not thatI am on the same level as them, but as in when you see/hear them, itwas entirely made by them.  I know people will always compare my workto others, it is just the way humans are.  Give my mixtape and honestlisten, it really does not sound like anything else.  It is anexperience, quit putting music in a box.

6) HG: What have you accomplished so far this year and what is in store for Blake Allee in 2012?
BLAKE ALLEE: I am sort of a perfectionist, so I have just beencontinually editing my next mixtape.  I work 6 days a week at a stupidjob, and that gives me less time to get completely lost into music,which is unfortunate.  My Best Friends Are Machines is slowly makingits way around the country and I am not ready to give up on it quiteyet, so I have been hitting the viral game hard and networking hopingthat I can release my next project on a larger scale.

7) HG: Let’s talk about , what can your fans get from this website?
BLAKE ALLEE: It is basically a site of links to facebook, youtube,twitter, vimeo, flickr, tumblr, and stuff.  I feel like most fansoperate on those instead of an actual site anymore.  It also has alink to a free download of my mix tape.

8) HG: Who are you most looking forward to working with in or outside ofIndianapolis, IN.?
BLAKE ALLEE: I sort of measure my success by how well B moviehorror actresses know me.  I am looking forward to working withDanielle Harris in one of my music videos. Fingers Crossed.

9) HG: What three songs or albums is Blake Allee listening to right now??!!
BLAKE ALEE: Joy Division- Closer,  I just always seem to make myway back to Joy Division one way or another. Don Trip- Guerilla, Beats are crazy. Trip is not aspopular as other trap rappers, but I think he is one of the best. Hisfirst line of the mixtape is "Motha Fucka I'm a guerilllllaaaaaaa"that pretty much did it for me.               Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2, This girl Veronica Vasickabasically finds old unreleased New Wave songs from little knownartists and releases the music they made.  Like New Wave  cassettetapes from the early 80s that were recorded on 4 tracks at the artistshome, and may have only 30 copies of the tape in existence.  The songsare not always the best but the whole concept is brilliant to me.

10) HG: If you were going to be arrested for anything what would it be?               
BLAKE ALLEE: If I had money I would probably get arrested everyweek.  Doing things like hacking sites, Yahoo or CNN and putting mymusic on there. Or trying to break into Area 51 to get aliens tolisten to my music. Something music related.

11) HG: If you could only tell your fans one thing, what would that be?               
BLAKE ALLEE: If you like an underground artist, let them know!!Facebook, twitter and what not.  Jay-Z doesn't even care you arealive.  I have not been force fed by the media, so if you arelistening to me, you just took a friends recommendation or took arandom chance when you saw me at a show or on a blog.  You took timeout of your day to listen to someone with less than 1000 facebook fanshaha.  It means the world to me, I try say thank you to every fan thatcontacts me. I follow back every person who follows me on twitter,that will never change.

12) HG: You recently put your CD in Best Buy and Target guerilla style.  Tell
us more about this?
BLAKE ALLEEHa, basically since I am not on a major label Best Buy will not stock
my CD.  So I scanned one of their labels (it was a Nicki Minaj label) put it in photoshop, changed the label to Blake Allee- My Best FriendsAre Machines, changed the price to free, and printed out some of thenew labels with my name on them. Then I put some of my CDs in my backpack, went in Best Buy, swopped labels in the best seller section,put my label in, and put my CDs in the spot.  Best Buy emailed me,they were not too happy. I have play by play pictures of it on my facebook

interview by T-P30

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