Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paid Dues Festival Passover footage, Mac Miller, LA x NYC Appearances, The Jet Lag Ep, a story about the Holocaust rom my Aunt

Paid Dues was a huge success and you can check out some video footage from the festival HERE and catch a live FREESTYLE!
Yeah we did a Passover Seder at a hip hop festival. How sick is that?
here is some press from Passover x Paid Dues

Holocaust Remembrance Day

I'd also like to take a moment to remember the family who were tragically taken during the holocaust. I've uploaded a Yom Hashoah freestyle in honor of them.
Other great videos that recall the Holocaust are Remedy''s "Never Again"and Bekay's "remember"
Very moving. I suggest you watch and repost to your friends.

A story from my aunt about the Holocaust

I recently spoke to my Aunt Agi about the Holocaust and she told me how she was shipped in the last moments of The war and was turned back to Romania. She mentioned to me that money was a big factor in saving life in Romania. They were supposed to be rounded up multiple times but the money stalled the Nazis a little bit
She said even in times of horror there was always a bit of humor. I find this really similar in my music, where my negative and insecure moments of despair translate into comical performance and song.
As my late Savta Clara left her apartment, she put all the the nice table cloths with the neighbor. She gave her silverware and other things of value do the Nazis wouldn't steal them.
When she came home after being rounded up by the nazis, the neighbor who held the nice dining room table cloth was using all the valuable things left with them.
She told by Savta(grandma) "I didn't think you were coming back!"
It's kinda messed up, but it is true. If Jews are getting rounded up by Nazis chances are we're gonna die.
Make sure to tell your family you love them, for you will never know when the time comes. Obviously that wasn't my Savta's time!
And yes, the neighbor gave her back her stuff ! ( i guess that line is the kicker...)

FREE MUSIC: The Jet Lag EP comes out in FULL W/ NEW MUSIC...ON TUESDAY may 1st!

here is a new EP minus a couple of songs!
You can do whatever you like with this ...except eat it. That means DOWNLOAD the first 5 songs

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