Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Is #GAT3WAY ???

What is #GAT3WAY ???

Well it's about that time for the third (and possibly last) Gateway to drop my friends.I want to first off thank each and everyone of you that have taken interest with this series.It means the world to any artist to have an audience to share their hard work with and I love to share my work with you guys. With that being said let me bring you to speed on the concept for this album. The title is GAT3WAY:Rebel Music. All the samples were inspired by old Southern Rock (Lynard Skynard, Creedance Clearwater Fesitval, etc...) which was a huge challenge in and of itself.The Rebel Music part was actually a nod to the great Bob Marley who had an album with the same name. In this Naptown music scene I always felt like a rebel, bucking trends and pushing the status quo of this beloved genre.I never liked playing by rules set by others. I make my own. That's what keeps me going. REBEL.

As far as the sound is concerned, I wasn't familiar with most of the songs that I came across during the digging process. But, I liked what I heard. It was Country. It was Hard Rock. It even had the Blues up in the mix. There was soul in the music. It was all I needed to light that spark I get when I go head first into making an album. I was geeked but I was still fearful of the unknown.After I finished a beat called Rebel Flaggin (the posse cut aka #NAPTOWN pt. 2) and another cut called Simple Man (sampled from the Lynard Skynard song of the same name) I decided to swing my idea by my partner Grey Granite to see what he thought of the concept. I throw all my ideas past Grey first because if I can convince him that it's a good idea I can convince ANYBODY it's a good idea. Well...that was harder than I expected. We argued for what seemed to be an eternity. He wanted me to play it safe which was understandable, chop up some nice Soul samples and make it a real smokers delight. I considered it. But something was eating at me. I could have done that easily but my gut was telling me to stick to the original plan. After talking to Grey I went to go grab a pack of cigarettes and sat in my car to listen to the beats I had already made. It was clear, I had to keep going. These were jams and I had to share them with the World.Which leads me to now. We had a SUPER successful lock-in, I've mixing and piecing songs together like a madman and the first single drops tomorrow!The song is called "Your Mine" and it features Dorsh Deans, Freddie Bunz,Grey Granite , Sean Oreo, C-rayz Walz and Saint Recon( Jesse Reddington )on the bass. It's some of my best work and I'll know you guys will enjoy it. Peace ya'll and don't forget to come out the the 20Past4&More and HeavyGun Present The Countdown to 4/20 Party @ The Rock Lobster on the 19th AND cop that #GAT3WAY when it hits the streets!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.And no...I didn't sample Freebird!!!

Extra special shout out to No Bad Ideas Clothing Company for helping me bring this project to the masses!!! Big up!


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