Thursday, May 3, 2012

Immaculate 2020 LLC

Established in 2007, Immaculate 2020 LLC is a premier independent hip-hop label consisting of artists, producers, and writers. Founded by Andre Williams, the label in 2007 collaborated with B.Miller & FAM releasing the DRE Wills, Rudy Brown, and Corinthian album Napolis Underground Radio. In 2008 the label began managing the group Troubled Youth consisting of members Zakk Lo (aka Hazzard) Spaid, and Piff God (aka Barz). In 2009 Troubled Youth’s No Child Left Behind EP debuted, and the groups follow up album Age of Consent EP released in 2010. There are several releases slated for 2012, including Zakk Lo’s solo debut Outside the Box, Piff God’s Above the Clouds, and two DRE Wills’ albums MOXIE and the Art of CHOPS & LOOPS beat EP.




Andre Williams (aka DRE WILLS) @Drewills


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