Friday, May 4, 2012


[loh·koh] – Verb, Adjective
1835 American English from Mexican Spanish
1.)  To cause crazy or intense actions (v).
2.)  Crazy (adj).
3.)  Out of one’s mind or hard to control (adj).
[moh·tivs] – Noun, Adjective, Verb
1325 Middle English from Medieval Latin
1.)  Something that causes one to act in a certain way (n).
2.)  Prompting action or motion (adj).
3.)  To motivate (v).

Loco Motives Design is a streetwear brand & design company based in Indianapolis, IN.  Our primary focus is in fashion.  We produce high-quality, high-fashion streetwear products.  

Our additional focuses include a variety of art forms, graphic design, web design, entertainer representation and event marketing. 

Our mission is to reach out to a wide variety of individuals through as many outlets as possible.  

Our products should be valued as a form of self-expression and a motivation for you to strive for success, no matter the circumstances...
Dream Big.  Work Hard.  Stay Humble.

Graphic Art:
Loco Motives Design can help you create your business or personal logo.  For just a fraction of the competitor prices, we can give you a quality logo in several different file formats in as fast as 24 hours!

Web Design:
If you’re looking for an affordable custom website then your search can finally come to an end.  Loco Motives Design will work with you and create your site for an affordable price, while delivering quality material at a timely rate.

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