Friday, May 4, 2012

Nathan Monk | The Artist

Combining mixed media with serendipitous renderings, my mixed media works are products of my surroundings, metaphorically and literally. I not only see my materials as tools but partners in creating my imaginative works. I take my inspiration from tangible images and surround them with inventive depictions of my underlying thoughts.
An aspect of found objects that I like is the act of taking everyday items that have usually been discarded and put them into a high art setting. Once you take that item out of its original environment and put it on a white wall you have changed it to a high art context and people stop, observe, and hopefully appreciate it more than they would before. My goal is for the viewer to look at its formal elements and ponder the conceptual relationship between the rest of the painting. A lot of great things in this world get passed by every day and it is a way for me to reverse that. I enjoy helping people slow down for a minute and appreciate the small things in life.
Of course, another element I was attracted to was taking this so called trash and putting it to good use. Reusing. Recycling. I started this before it was hip to be “green” but also appreciate the steps our society is taking to make our planet a cleaner and safer place. My multi-faceted art process is quite relatable to the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse symbol we all have come to know.
I would also compare searching for found objects to Jackson Pollock’s and Willim DeKooning’s action paintings. The action or event of painting (hunting for objects) is almost or more important than the final product. I admired the fact that Jackson Pollock didn’t get caught up in the final product. It was more about the act of painting and I can definitely relate to that. With that, I will continue to do my part to make this world a cleaner and more creative place.
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