Monday, October 8, 2012

@pawcut " Dusted wax kingdom " Drops today!!

German producer pawcut is releasing his debut on dusted wax kingdom .

It's a dusty lo-fi concotion of soundtrack and jazz samples ,that come along with cracky drum breaks (some classics , some super rare ) and buzzy sub basses .

The outcome are 7 trippy hip -hop beats that work in a rather downtempo range .

Pawcut's music is paying tribute to the original .

Its not about "using " samples but about " feeling" them .

If you are looking for the super creative , never heard wonky flip pushed by a mean synth line or wobble bass ... might not be for you .

This is the real him , his blood, sweat and tears ....generated with the help of all the great composers , drummers and other musicians he sampled over the last 2 years .

This album doesnt contain :

Fake vinyl crackles

Software instruments (except bass on 2 spots )

Library or factory drums

Time stretch

master effects!/pawcut    


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  1. thanks for the constant support ! pawcut