Wednesday, November 28, 2012

@jbrookinz Top 10 Hip-Hop Intros

 in no particular order...

1.NaS - It Was Written Intro

I used to listen to this on repeat...when that beat drops...dope brah. 

2. Cali Agents - Intro [Behind The Closed Doors]

One of the funniest skits on ANY album...just listen.

3. The GZA -  Liquid Swords 


Classic...You aren't a Wu fan if you cant recite this word for word(Verse too!).


4. Ghostface Killah - Iron Maiden 



The Wu knows how to do intros mane. Raspy voice kid need to come out with an album called "Tradmarks on Your Fucking Eyes".



5. Jay-Z - 01 Hand It Down - Vol.2 Hard Knock Life




This Jigga intro always stuck out to me...kinda like Coming of Age without Jigga man. Bleek goes off.

6. Jay Electronica - The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine) 


This is the first song I ever heard from Mr. Electronica and it's a fitting intro with talk from Just Blaze and Erykah Badu plus a smoking hot verse from Jay man.


7. Slum Village (Fantastic Vol.2) - Intro


This intro captures the vibe of this album/group PERFECTLY! Dilla mixes smooth vibe and the crackling drums on this beat like no other.



8. Common - Introspective 


From the moment this comes on you know you're in for a real treat. It's here...It's here...It's here...

9. Mos Def - Fear Not Of Man

Laid back Intro with Yassin Bey giving some real talk...such a refreshing intro to a stellar album.

10. Big Tymers - Big Tymers (Intro) - How U Luv That Vol. 2 


I just love this got damn beat!!! So glad Juve rapped over this on G-Code 






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