Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Killerball - I Can't Find It (Acoustic)

In may 2011 Killerball released their debut-EP ”St. Epone” through their own record label. They got good response from Swedish newspapers and blogs and ”St. Epone” subsequently got air time on national radio stations. The band got excited and took off on a 3 week's tour through Europe. In their stuffed Ford Focus they cruised down the continent playing only acoustic gigs on the streets. They played their way through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland and well at home they had (literally) sold every single copy of the EP.

Instead of ordering a new pressing of ”St. Epone” Killerball started recording their new material based on the acoustic street setup. Loving the more rooted sound of the acoustic instruments and the vocal harmonies their songs took a new turn.

In the late spring of 2012 Killerball armed themselves with acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, saws, and some other homemade acoustic intruments. They were about to finish off the new acoustic EP with only one ambition: to make their moms cry.

The EP ”Good Memories, Good Morning” includes five raw acoustic tracks. Three brand new songs and two new versions of their favorite songs ”Force Fed” and ”I Can’t Find It” from their previous EP St. Epone.

Their mothers did cry tears of joy, and BOOM - Killerball decided to release the EP Good Memories, Good Morning.

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