Tuesday, March 5, 2013

interview w/ Blake Allee

Last Week Blake Allee droped his 2nd mixtape "TELEVISONN"  so HG shot him a few questions about the new project.

HG: How did you come up with the album name?
Blake Allee: I honestly am not sure, I don't even have a TV in my room.  I just wanted a one word title that looked cool.  Television with an extra n seemed to do the trick. Then I just threw in small TV parts to keep a theme to the project.

HG: Is it true that you produced all of the songs, wrote all of the lyrics, and created all of the artwork on Televisionn?
Blake Allee: Yep! Mixed and mastered it too.  Tho the artwork is a picture my dad took of me and I just messed with it a bit and added the fonts.  It is hard to take a good picture of yourself.

HG: If American did have a revolution, our way of living would be drastically changed people probably would probably not care about making music anymore it would be more like a survival of the fittest, what would be Blake Allee's job in this scenario? 
Blake Allee: I have focused so much on music that honestly I am not sure Im still good at anything else anymore.  So I would probably end up homeless and start doing some odd street art.

HG: Give me the name of some blogs you check on the regular.
Blake Allee: www.heavygunblog.comwww.bringingdowntheband.comwww.princejaysmindframe.com,www.naptownconnection.com,
 www.indianagrind.com I realize that money and connections have so much power over what is posted on 2 Dope Boyz and other popular blogs that I am slowly losing interest in hip hop.  But these sites always post me because they like my work and I respect that.  Besides these, just odd documentaries on youtube and porn when girls don't like me.

HG: Are Japanese TV's different from American TV's?
Blake Allee: Japanese TVs rhymes, American TVs does not.

HG: Blake what is Adrain Bless talking about?
Blake Allee: Lol! Adrian Bless is crazy.  I gravitate to creative artists who seem a little off, I mean that as a compliment.  I am not exactly sure what every line means, but you can tell the dude put thought into it.

HG: Do you have a favorite song to listen to and a favorite song to perform live on Televisionn?
Blake Allee: I think at some point every song has been a favorite.  I cut one song two days before I released Televisionn.  I am glad, cause I like every song in its own way, even the skits.

HG: Fill in the blank
If not for artist like _______________________________________ I would not have been able to make this album.
Blake Allee: MGMT, Banksy, Kanye West, Eyedea, Talking Heads, Basquiat, Dario Argento, Nas, Philippe Petit

HG: Name five of your favorite TV shows?
Blake Allee: Tales from the Crypt, Roswell (yes the cheesy one), Curb Your Entusiasm,
Masters of Horror, I don't really know if this counts but ESPN 30 for 30. I don't even watch sports much anymore, but they do an awesome job on them.

HG: Where did that "Town of Unfriendly people who all have VCR's come from?
Blake Allee: The sample came from one of the best movies ever made!! Video Violence.  It was a Shot on Video 80s movie about a town of people who kill visitors, tape it, and then the town watches the videos like real movies.  You should check it out.

HG: If there was two things you want people to take away from this album what would that be?
Blake Allee: There are new albums that come out every day, and Televisionn still sounds different than anything I have ever heard. This guy can't "make it" but Chief Keef can.  That is the state of rap.

Blake Allee: Huge thanks to anyone taking the time to listen!

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  1. You should keep your photographer. That is an amazing shot.