Thursday, June 13, 2013

HeavyGunBlog interview with G Granite part 1 of 3

G Granite recently released his album, "Rich in the Blood - Book One The Eye The Shield" with an album titled that- we had a shit load of questions for him. 

HG: If this album "Rich in the Blood" were a season, which one would it be?
GG: it's a Summer album that rides into Fall perfectly.

HG: If you could pick any musician, past or present to be on one song from this album, who and which song?
GG: No. I had the chance to have features but I didn't want to go down that road. I wanted to only give myself.

 HG: Are you a daytime or nighttime writer?
GG: NIGHT! wtf is daytime???

HG: One of the songs on"Rich in the Blood" is titled Satan Seeds, Why the name Satan Seeds? And what do you want people to take from the song?
GG: That song is about the Ego of man, I think the ego is a great thing but it's also a place where evil can grow and flourish. I think people think that I am saying that the ego is evil but thats not true, what I am really saying is that the ego is the most fertile ground for the devil to plant his seeds of destruction. 

HG: If you could Miguel drop kick any tv personality right now, who?
GG: I don't watch TV probably that raccoon from The Regular Show he's an ass.

HG: What gif/meme best describes You as an artist?
GG: Deal With It or Courage Wolf

HG: Who do you want on your next album and why?
GG: Free Max B!

HG: Any OCD tendencies?
GG: Naw I'm from the Hood, we aint got no time for that.

HG: Quick, what is your favorite song at the moment?
GG: Game of the Greats!

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