Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HG interview w/ ∆jené†h∆.GΩD

Last week we got the new ∆jené†h∆.GΩD album titled P.O.T.G.E. (Product.Of.The.Golden.Era.) so we hit up the God of  #TeamSpittage with some hard questions! 

HG: What does Spittage mean to you?
Ajene: Craftiness, Originality, Flow. I don’t know exactly, it’s a just feeling…U know.

HG: If this album was a plate of food what would you be serving up?
Ajene: All natural, veeeegan, weeeed brownies…not 4 everybody, but everybody should try it…

HG: Give me the name of a blog you check often
Ajene: Sneakernews.com 

HG: what have you been listening to lately?
Ajene: Max B…Cam’Ron…Lloyd Bank$...Roc Marciano…old Prodigy & Big Tymers shit…
HG: We love Max B

HG: How do you feel about interludes and skits on albums?
Ajene: They can be glue or they can be boo-boo…I like the funny ones…

HG: Whats your favorite Adult Swim show?
Ajene: The Boondocks

HG: What rapper is an example of what is NOT Spittage?
Ajene: Its all love big baby…

 HG: Do you know the artist that was sampled for the track Heart & Soul? If not his name is Darondo, look him up and tell us your first thought of him.
Ajene: Yep. I do now. But nah, that’s all Richie P The Producer. He put me on to his music.

HG: If you could get signed with any rappers label right now, which one would be your best fit?
Ajene: Jigga…everybody else got cliques n shit…even tho he made that 1 song…SMFH

HG: What Indy artist would you like to see signed to a major label?
Ajene: Everybody, as long as they situation is good. It’s all love big baby. Its all about the music.

HG: If there was two things you want people to take away from this album what would that be?
Ajene: I want people to recognize that I really try to push my pen and come wit it.
Ajene: I also want the humans to hear the continuity me and Richie Rich have on this project, the earthy organic texture of the instrumentation… 

HG: whats next for Ajene tha god?
Ajene: Porn…LA…San Diego….…I really don’t know tho. Who does?? We shall see. I’mma definitely keep giving spittage up and handing it out tho. Peace.

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